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Imagine a therapy space that truly takes the time to understand who you are and what you need. A space where you are not told who to be or how you need to change, but rather a place where you show-up as you are, and gain insight for the things you want to do differently. A space where you are able to be human – feel your true emotions, have thoughts that are not all put together, and to understand your inner voice. 

I want to create that space for you – non-judgmental, warm, and inviting. A space for all identities and experiences.

Together, we will dive deep into understanding who you are - your values, lived experiences, worldviews, and how you process information and emotions. Along the way, we will uncover your root concerns, dispel negative thoughts, heal from the past, foster more genuine relationships, and empower you to live a life with intentionality. Throughout this journey, I will provide you with tools that are personalized to meet your needs, so that you can create the change and growth you are seeking. 

Let's start working on writing your story on your terms.

Let us work on this journey together. 

Overcome Self-Judgment

Disengage from social comparison, reframe harmful narratives, break the cycle of "never good enough,"  and help internalize positive experiences

Enhance Communication

Explore how to establish healthy boundaries, voice your needs, identify your emotions, and be an advocate for yourself at work & home

Fortify relationships 

Explore your past patterns, identify your attachment style, nurture the relationships you want, and forge deep connections with yourself & others

Liberate from Cultural Constraints

Navigate cultural and social expectations, explore model minority stressors, create a healthier balance between family expectations and personal values, and live a path reflecting your authentic self 

Heal from Past Trauma

Process raw emotions, embrace mind-body healing, gain healthy strategies to cope, and reclaim control of your life

Find Balance

Rebuild your foundation, reduce internal anxiety, discover what motivates you, redefine what you are wanting out of life, and give priority to what matters the most 

At the end of the therapeutic journey, I hope that you can look back and see the immense progress and growth you have made, have the skills and techniques you need, and feel empowered to live the life you want for yourself authentically. 

-Dr. Shukla

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